Janis Joplin

For my birthday last year, which was 2012, I received two music gift vouchers for a local music store.   I received these gift vouchers from my brother and one of my lovely friends.  I wanted to go out and buy some new music in DVD or CD form.  However, I found it extremely difficult to find any music which I liked by any new or young band etc.  I’d looked on youtube and a music store’s website, which contains previews of the top 40 singles or albums.  I just found most of the music very teeny bopperish and boring.

I also tried to buy a Small Faces or Humble Pie DVD, however the store didn’t sell any, which I found very frustrating.  So after about 7 weeks of looking for a music DVD or CD I decided to buy three Janis Joplin CDs.  I can’t remember why I went and bought her CDs.  I ended up getting her Pearl and a double CD set titled “The Essential JANIS JOPLIN”.

Cover photos of Janis Joplin's  CD "The Essential 
JANIS JOPLIN" and the album "Pearl".



I haven’t listened to Pearl much since getting it as the double CD set of Janis’s “The Essential JANIS JOPLIN” includes all of the her music from Pearl.  Since buying Janis’s double CD set I can’t stop listening to the music.  I’m either always listening to it in my home or in my car.  I find the music very inspirational as I can kind of relate to it.  For example she had a hard time growing up at home and at school.  I can relate to being bullied all the time by different people at school.  It didn’t do much for my confidence or to make me just love people!!  Also it appears as though she had tons of bad luck and sorrows with men, which at one stage I had.  But now I have learnt my lessons!!

It appears to me as though Janis went through a lot of heartache with men which is portrayed through a lot of her music.  I can see why she would have been attracted to The Blues music. Some of her songs regarding her heartache I think are portrayed through the songs: “Ball and Chain”, “Cry Baby” & “A Woman Left Lonely”.  I just love the song “Ball and Chain” which Janis sings live in Germany back in 1969, her voice and persona is just terrific in the clip.

Ball & Chain

I love this live song with Janis titled “Cry Baby” as it just goes to show a woman who is there giving too much to a man who does what they want.

Cry Baby

I also read on the Internet that she had a lot of trouble with the people who she went to High School and University with, but she was a very smart lady who did well academically and with her art.

I like how from her songs she sung from the heart and how she felt about life at the time.  I see that portrayed from many of her songs.  I like how she wasn’t afriaid to let her emotions out in music.  Some of those songs to name a few are:  “Little Girl Blue”, “Tell Mama” & “Try”.

It was very sad for me personally that she died so young at the age of 27, as I feel she had much more singing and personal talent to show to the world.

The Rose movie and album (1979)

For about four years my mum has owned the album titled “The Rose”.  Music contained from this album is from the movie of the same title.  The movie is centred around Janis’s life and is played by Bette Midler.   I have listened to the album serveral times and find the music very good and entertaining.

Cover photo of "The Rose" album


A part of a reason why I like the album is because it details entertaining words from Bette Middler where she has been signing live on stage.  In a part of the album she states how when if your man comes home late one night and you can smell booze and a woman on him.  What do you do?  Do you open your legs and say……..or do you say pack your bags and get out of here?

I tried to hire “The Rose”  movie DVD from my local video store but they don’t rent it out anymore.  I find this really frustrating that music and video stores don’t seem to want to keep interesting DVDs or music from the 1960’s to 1980’s anymore.  According to wikipdia on the Internet the movie “The Rose” is a “1979 American musical drama film which tells the story of a self-destructive 1960s rock star who struggles to cope with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her ruthless business manager”.

That’s all from me today folks and I’ll add some more information to this post at a later date.


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Elvis Presley

From about 1978 to 1993 I’d acquired or listened to numerous Elvis Presley items.  Some of those items included: 1.  An Elvis movie soundtrack compiliation. 2.  A video titled “This is Elvis“ .  3.  A cassette tape titled “The Great Performances of ELVIS”.  4. A book titled ”Elvis and Me” and 5.  A video titled “ELVIS 68′ comeback Special”.

When I was a kid, my parents used to own a record, which I can’t recall the title of!!   This record contained songs from the movies Elvis had starred and sung in.  The songs which I used to really enjoy listening to were “King Creole”, “G.I. Blues”, “Rock-A-Hula Baby”, “Follow That Dream”.   I used to enjoy listening to them as they’d make me feel great and were really boppy.

In about 1989, I video tapped an Elvis movie/documentary on TV which was titled “This is Elvis” (1981).  What I remember and which still stands out for me about the documentary is that 1.  It contained real footage of Elvis’s first singing performances on TV in the 1950’s. Those are where he is singing the songs such as “Hound Dog”  &  “Don’t be cruel”. 2.  It had footage of after Elvis’s divorce and where he is singing the song “You were always on my mind” in a music studio.  3. Scenes where Elvis is carrying out Karate moves in the early 1970’s.  4.  However, the memory about this video which still sticks in my mind is a part where Elvis is singing live on stage to a big audience near the end of his life.  He is up on stage where he is very overweight, is sweating and then he sings some wrong words to the song “Love me Tender”.  In a part of the song he sings “And I am standing there… without any hair!”  Then he mumbles some incomprehensible words.  Back when I first tapped the documentary, I was a bit appalled by his weight but now I find it interesting watching him there on stage in the video.

Youtube video of "Love Me Tender" (1977)

In the early 1990’s, my brother bought me an Elvis cassette tape for Christmas.  This tape was titled “The Great Performances of ELVIS”.  The tape mostly has songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  However, it has a few songs from the early 1970’s.

Cover picture of "The Great Performances of ELVIS" tape


Some of the songs on the tape include:

  • My happiness
  • That’s all right
  • Shack, rattle & roll/flip flop & fly
  • Heartbreak Hotel,
  • Jailhouse rock
  • King Creole
  • Return to Sender
  • Always on my mind
  • American Trilogy
  • Memories

The songs I like most from this tape and which I still own are “Always on my mind”, “American Trilogy” and “Memories”.  Those songs are from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and I just like them the most because they are just awesome and they make me feel good!

Youtube video of "Always on my mind"

In about 1989 or 1990, I bought a book titled “Elvis and Me”.  This book is an autobiography by Elvis’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley about her life with Elvis.

Similar book cover to the "Elvis and Me" book
which I once owned


I can’t remember much about the book but I do remember that in the past I had read it several times.  Obviously, I did that because I found she had led a very interesting life with Elvis!  However, I do remember a few things from the book.  Firstly, is that Priscilla met Elvis in Germany, while Elvis was stationed there in the armed forces. Secondly, that Priscilla was given permission by her parents when she was fourteen to stay at Gracelands with Elvis’s parents, while she was doing her schooling nearby.  I thought that was pretty cool and would have been very fun.  Thirdly, I remember that Priscilla states in the book she had a lot of drugs either to keep her awake or to make her sleep.  She was given these pills from Elvis so that she could keep up with a hectic life with him.  Such as staying up all night, and then so she would be able to get up in the morning to go to school etc.  Lastly I remembers that Priscilla states in the book that she was suspicious of Elvis having an affair with Ann-Margret before they were married in 1967.

I also recall that the book contained some very interesting photos of Elvis, Priscilla and their daughter Lisa-Marie.  One of the great photos in it is of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding in 1967 and Priscilla looks quite stunning with her black, long hair and gorgeous wedding dress.

Other photos I like in the book is a family photo of Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie.  Priscilla looks so beautiful in this photo with her long brown hair!.  Lisa-Marie looks very cute too.

Also in the book, there is also a photo of some horses at Gracelands with Lisa-Marie and Priscilla in the background.

Photos from Elvis and Me

Elvis & Priscilla’s wedding day on May 1, 1967















Just after Priscilla and Elvis’s divorce in 1973

In about 1993, I received a video titled “ELVIS 68 comeback Special” for Christmas.  This video contains Elvis and his band playing songs live to a studio audience.

The back of the video states “June 27 & 28, 1968, NBC TV Studios, Burbank California. Elvis is about to revitalise and reorientate his extraordinary career with his first appearance before a live audience since March 1961 and his first television appearance since March, 1960”.

Cover picture of "ELVIS 68 comeback Special" video


Personally, from watching this video, Elvis looks fabulous in his black leather clothes and black hair.

The set up of the concert also looks great with Elvis and his band sitting down on chairs and playing musical instruments.  Elvis’s band does a superb job in the video playing their instruments and singing with Elvis.  They sing well and help him along whenever he needed it.

Also, in the video the audience is mostly woman.  The woman are ogling over Elvis and just can’t get enough of him.  In one spot of the video, Elvis wipes some sweat off his head with a tissue and a bit of tissue is left on his face.  Then a member of his band gives the tissue bit to one of the women in the audience and she just goes ballistic with excitement and puts it in her purse!!

Another area of the video, which shows just how much the women adored Elvis is where he sits down on some steps near his band and sings “Memories”.  Then these women move up close to him and look up to him lovingly while he is singing the song.  Man some women.  Also girls are still like that today with rock stars.  One rock star of such is Justin Beuber.

Youtube video of "Memories" (1968)

Then at the end of the live concert Elvis is singing and acting with people in a studio.  Also coming with that are different scenes with various different backgrounds, props and items around.  I didn’t find this part of the video very interesting.  In my opinion it was quite boring as I didn’t like the whole set up of it and the way the girls were dressed etc.

I have not acquired any other items regarding Elvis since about 1993, as I became a huge fan of David Bowie from 1995 onwards and focused on him for years.  Due to that, I will end it here.

Bye for now.


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Small Faces and Steve Marriott

In 1990, I bought a record by the Small Faces called “Small Faces, Greatest Hits”.  I can’t remember why I bought it!  At the time I was 17 and was living in a caravan in my parent’s backyard.  In the caravan I had an old record player and used to play that Small Faces record on it.  Some of the songs on the record are: “The Universal”, “Song of a Baker”, “Here Comes the Nice”, “Red Balloon”, “Itchycoo Park”, “After Glow” and “All Or Nothing”.  In my opinion, all of the songs on this record are superb and I still never get bored listening to it.

Small Faces – Greatest Hits Album Cover Picture

From about 2003 to 2009, I didn’t own a record/stereo player because my last player broke.  At the end of 2009, my mum gave me her old record player, which came from the early 1980’s.  So due to getting this, I got out all of my old records and cleaned them.  One of the records I played again was my Small Faces album.  I was and still am very much fond of this album.  Such great songs!

In early 2010 I was watching a show on TV called “British Invasion: Small Faces”.  On this show, I saw all of these archival music videos of the Small Faces, which I hadn’t seen before.  Boy was I very impressed with them.  I especially liked the videos: “Happydaystoytown”, “Song of a Baker”, “Tin Soldier”, an instrumental song called “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” and “Here Comes the Nice”.

I was really impressed with each of these Small Faces videos because of Steve Marriott who was the lead singer/guitarist in the band.  In all of these video clips Steve Marriott sings really well, is very talented at playing the guitar, is very good looking and wears trendy/hip clothes. I really love the video clip called “Happydaystoystown” because of the clothes Steve Marriott wears, the fab singing and the enigmatic moves of Steve Marriott and the rest of the band in the clip.

Small Faces – Happydaystoystown Video

I really love and enjoy the “Song of a Baker” video clip because Steve Marriott of the Small Faces in the clip does some excellent and awe inspiring guitar playing and singing.  I also adore the clothes Steve Marriott wears in the Song of a Baker video.

Small Faces – Song Of A Baker Video- 1968

I adore the song and video called “Here comes the Nice” because the Small Faces dared to sing about something so controversial at the time, that being drugs.  The song details the bands experiences with drugs in about 1967.  From reading about the Steve Marriott from the Small Faces in Wikipedia on the Internet, I read that in the late 1960’s, Steve Marriott had taken the drugs Cannabis, speed and LSD.

Small Faces – Here Come The Nice Video

From my own point of view, I find the later Small Faces video clips ie 1967 – 1969 much more exciting and interesting than the earlier Small Faces clips ie 1965 – 1966.  This is because in the later video clips 1967-1969 the band are wearing more interesting/hip clothes (ie not suits), they are not just playing to people in a small club, and lastly because they move around more and more enigmatically around the stage. In addition, the band members have longer hair, which I just love.

Small Faces in 1966

Small Faces in 1966

Small Faces in 1968

Small Faces in 1968

As I was so ecstatic about the Small Faces who I saw on TV in early 2010, I wanted to go and buy a Small Faces DVD at a music shop.  Therefore, I went to a popular music shop about two days after seeing the Small Faces show on TV.  Much to my dismay a shop assistant at this popular music store I went to told me that all of their Small Faces, Steve Marriott and Humble Pie DVD’s had been deleted both in Australia and overseas (Steve Marriott had also been the lead singer/ guitarist in Humble Pie).  I was so disappointed in this!  I was much excited about eventually having my own  Small Faces, Steve Marriott or Humble Pie DVD.     

In late 2012, I went to different music shops and they still didn’t sell Small Faces or Humble pie DVDs.  If find this very sad as I think that these bands were in brilliant video clips back in the 1960’s & 1970’s.


Small Faces

Small Faces in 1968

Small Faces in 1968

Humble Pie

Steve Marriott in 1976

Steve Marriott in 1976

I have been reading about Steve Marriott of the Small Faces on wikipedia on the Internet.  He imo lead quite an interesting life when he was alive.  (He died in 1991 when a part of a 16th century house, which he lived in and was in at the time burnt down.  He died of smoke inhalation).

The reason why I think this is because he was married three times, had three children from three different women and tried all of these different drugs in his life.  This may not appeal to some but it seems interesting and exciting to me.

I have been told that the Steve Marriott of the Small Faces is an underrated singer/guitar player and I believe this too.  This is because I don’t hear about them in the media, but I do hear and read about bands such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.  These bands who in my opinion are much less talented than what the Small Faces or what Steve Marriott was!

Steve Marriott

Steve Marriott

As I wasn’t able to buy a Humble Pie or Small Faces DVD I went and bought a double Small Faces CD set in early 2010 titled “Small Faces, Ultimate Collection”.

Small Faces Ultimate Collection Front Cover

Small Faces Ultimate Collection Front Cover

Since buying this double Small Faces CD set, I have listeneded to them numerous times.  The singing on all of the songs is very impressive.  Also the music and  lyrics are very exciting, talented and upbeat.

I love most of the songs on this double CD set.  N.b what also makes this Ultimate Collection so good is also due to some of the instrumental songs on the CD’s.  One song is called “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”.  This song is psychedelic and groovy.

Small Faces in 68

Small Faces in 1968 or 1969

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video Picture

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video Picture







Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video

Keith Moon, Kim & Mandy Moon

Photo of Keith, Kim and Mandy Moon.

Lastly before I end, in the last year I came to know that Keith Moon of the Who’s ex wife Kim Moon married Ian Maclagan of the Small Faces in 1978.  In addition, Kim Moon was dating Rod Stewart in the early 1960’s at the same time she was dating Keith Moon.

Another fact I discovered about the Small Faces is that Steve Marriott of the Small Faces married Jenny Rylance in 1968.  Jenny Rylance an ex model also dated Rod Stewart in the 1960’s like ex-model Kim Moon dated Rod Stewart in the 1960’s! Interesting new information, I must say!

Well I think I have said enough about the Small Faces! Bye from me.

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Van Halen

 I didn’t listen to Van Halen music when I was growing up. However in May 2006, I became more aware of their music when I saw some Van Halen CDs on sale at this local shopping plaza, which I sometimes shop at. A music shop had a stall in the plaza and was selling discounted CDs and other items in the main area of the plaza. That day in May 2006 I bought “The Best of Both Worlds”, which is a double CD set and contains Van Halen’s greatest hits. 
I went home and played The Best of Both Worlds CDs and really dug the music. They have a photo of the band from 2004 in the double CD set of Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony. Before looking at that photo from the CD I hadn’t been aware of any of the musicians from the band. I have played those CDs loads of times. The songs I really like from those CDs are “Beautiful Girls”(1980), “Hot for Teacher” (1984), “Jump” (1984), “Dance the Night Away” (1979), “Unchained”, “Panama” (1984), “Runaround”, “Without You” (1998), “Poundcake” and “Right Here, Right Now” (Live).
Cover photo of Van Halens CDs titled 
"The Best of Both Worlds-Van Halen"
Van Halen Greatest Hits CD
Van Halen in 2004 with Sammy Hagar

van-halen-w02.jpg vanhalen04-30-04.jpg

About two weeks after buying Van Halen’s “The Best of Both Worlds” CDs, I was in my local video store and I went to the music section. There I saw the DVD “Live Without a Net” (1986). This is a DVD of Van Halen playing live in New Haven Coliseum, America in 1986 and features Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen.  So I went and hired the DVD and played it on my DVD player at home. Boy when I saw Eddie Van Halen in that DVD I was so impressed with his cute, good looks and his great, great guitar playing. Then I watched and watched that DVD over and over again.
Cover photo of LIve Without A Net (1986)

Live Without A Net DVD

The 5150 Walk During The 1986 Van Halen Tour


Photo of Van Halen in 1986


Not long after hiring “Live Without a Net” I was telling my boss at work about Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen and he suggested that I send him a fan letter. So I logged onto the Internet the following day and found Van Halen’s official website and sent an e-mail to the administrator of that site, asking him to send EVH my fan letter. Well I never received a reply from the administrator. Then the following night I found another web site called eddievanhalen.com, which is a chat website for fans and musicians. So I ended up putting a fan letter in the fan mail area of the site. How embarrassing.  I ended up putting my fan mail letter in the announcement part of the site and was going on about does Eddie know he is the sexiest man alive?
A photo of young Eddie Van Halen
About two weeks later, I bought the DVD “Right Here, Right Now” at a music shop in my local shopping plaza. That DVD is of Van Halen playing in concert from their world tour of 1992-1993. Eddie looks different in that DVD compared to the DVD “Live Without A Net”. I don’t know, he kind of looks high or drunk or something. But I still really dig that DVD and Sammy Hagar does a really good job at entertaining the audience with the song “Cabo Wabo”, “You Really Got Me” and “Finish What Ya Started”. Sammy says in the DVD that the Finish What Ya Started song is about how a guy has a set of blue balls when a girl starts the foreplay and doesn’t continue on with the act.  
Photo cover of DVD - Right Here Right Now
Then another two weeks later I bought the DVD “The Van Halen Story – The Early Years”. The back of the DVD states: “The Early Years chronicles the rise of our young musicians from their formative years to their transformation into a worldwide phenomenon.Witness the group’s gripping tale told by the people who were there when it all began – childhood friends, fellow musicians. Also has never before-seen photos help to further documents their remarkable story”.
Van Halen - The Early Years DVD photo cover
  Van Halen - The Early Years DVDVan Halen - The Early Years DVD
Photos of Van Halen when David Lee Roth was in the band
In about April of 2007 I bought the Van Halen DVD called “Van Halen Video Hits 1”. This DVD features numerous of Van Halen’s video hits starting with when DLR was on vocals with the videos “Jump” (1984) and “Panama” (1984). The videos of when Sammy Haggar was in the band starts with “When it’s love”, “Finish What Ya Started”, “Dreams” (Live at the Whisky) 1992, “Human Beings” (1995) then the last video is with Gary Cherome as the lead singer of the band, that video is “Without You” (1998). Without You is set in an Igloo and the song is upbeat, and Eddie is looking good again there.
I don’t like the previous five videos before “Without You” in the DVD. All of these five videos features Sammy Hagar in the videos and these videos are all from the Balance record and the band look really daggy with their hair and clothes, the songs are boring and the videos are uninspiring. Well alot of people like Human Beings. But that song does nothing for me and I always skip over that video.


In July 2007 a friend of mine burnt a copy of the Van Halen DVD “Van Halen – The Dave Years”. This DVD features numerous of Van Halen’s in concert footage from 1978 -1985. Some of the songs include “Bottoms up”, “So this Is Love?”, “Dance The Night away”. Also included in the DVD is a music video of “Pretty Woman”, interviews with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, EVH playing the guitar, in the David Letterman studio on 1985. This DVD is really good in that it shows a variety of different video footage.
In the proceeding months following May 2006 I have bought four other Van Halen CDs. I own CDs mostly with David Lee Roth on vocals. These CD’s are “1984” (1984), “Women and Children First” (1980), Van Halen 1(1978), and “5150” (1986). I really like all of these CDs because they are so upbeat and rocky and make you want to dance. Also Eddie’s guitar playing is so cool too.
Van Halen 1 CD cover


Women and Children First, CD cover and inside photo.

CD cover


Inside cover photo of Van Halen in 1980

1984 CD Cover
5150 album cover
 Van Halen toured America with David Lee Roth as the lead singer in 2007 & 2008. I know that Van Halen began their tour on the 27th of September 2007. Also in 2007 they earned a nominee for the best reunion tour for the Peoples Choice award.
Photos of Van Halen during and before their 
tour of America in 2007
Van Halen at a press conference before their 2007 tour.

Van Halen at a press conference before their tour.


First Van Halen tour photo

Flying Eddie!

   Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

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I have liked Blondie’s music since I was four years old, which is the age where I received a Blondie cassette tape for my fourth birthday.  I used to listen to that tape on a portable tape player, which was also given to me on my birthday.  I remember taking that tape recorder/player with me everywhere from the ages of four to seven years.  I used to also really enjoy that Blondie tape and had played it numerous times.  Sorry, I can’t remember what the tape was called!! hehe and the tape had a photo on the cover with Debbie Harry’s hair in a bun.  The songs I used to really like on the tape were “I’m a Gonna Love you to”, “Denis”, “I Know but I Don’t Know” and “Heart of Glass”.  Also from the ages of 4-7 when I used to go to The Coast with my family and my parents would drive there, I’d listen to my Blondie and Abba cassette tapes.  I also used to constantly listen to my Abba tape when I was a kid.   

Photo of a portable tape recorder, similar 
to the one I had years ago.


Late 70’s Portable Cassette Player

I re-started listening to Blondie’s music when I was in Year 10.  In about 1993 I bought the Best of Blondie CD.  Some of the songs on that CD are: “The Tide is High”, “In the Flesh”, “Sunday Girl”, “Picture This” and “Rip Her to Shreds”. What I also like about the CD is the cover as it shows Debbie Harry in a really nice white dress and there are great buildings in New York shown behind the band’s photo.


Cover Photo of The Best of Blondie  


Blondie’s Greatest Hits CD

In about 202, I bought Blondie’s 1978 CD called Parallel lines.  I bought it because it’s got some really great songs such as “Hanging on the Telephone”, “Sunday Girl”, “One Way or Another”, “11.59” and “I Know But I Don’t Know” etc.

Cover Photo of Parallel Lines  


I also like a few of Blondie’s videos, which I have seen on Youtube and on a late night music show I used to watch called Rage.  These videos are “Rapture” and “Heart of Glass”. 

Youtube Video of Rapture

In 1998 Blondie reformed as a group and released a new album called “No Exit”.   In the same year I bought a CD single from that album which is called “Maria”.   

Cover Photos of "No Exit" and the CD Single "Maria"

No Exit CD


In about 2004, I rented a DVD movie which starred Deborah Harry and was titled Life Without Me (2003). In the movie Deborah Harry acts as the mother of a lady who is dying of cancer. The reason why I hired this movie is because Scott Speedman was in it and I was/ am a fan of this very attractive American actor.  

Photo of Scott Speedman


Photo of Deborah Harry in Life Without Me.


That’s it for today folks.  


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Donna Summer

I don’t have a long story regarding Donna Summer, but the first and only Donna Summer record I bought was in around 1990.  I bought a double record set of hers titled “Bad Girls” (1979) at a local, second hand market.  Well I really liked those records back then and would play them on my record player.  Some of the songs on those records included: “Dim all the Lights”, “Walk Away”, “Bad Boys” and “Sunset People” etc.

In about 2003, I had to throw away my old record player as it wasn’t working properly anymore.  Due to that I couldn’t listen to “Bad Girls” anymore.  In about 2004 I bought the double CD set of the same title.  Also in the same year I was participating in a Communication and Media Diploma.  Part of the Diploma entailed making up a short video.  So I used the Donna Summer song “Hot Stuff”, which is from “Bad Girls” and produced a music video.  Two other people were also in the video.  I also included a lot of different effects when I edited the video via computer in which my teacher at the time helped me to do.

Youtube video of Hot Stuff - Donna Summer

I don’t really listen to that double CD set “Bad Boys” anymore as most of the songs include sappy love songs.  The songs which really stand out for me from the double CD set include Hot Stuff, Dim all the Lights and Bad Girls.  I don’t really get into constant love songs.  But I do like the CD cover, which gives the records a lift.

Donna Summer - Bad Girls album cover

Donna Summer - Bad Boys album coverDonna Summer - Bad Boys album cover

In about 2006, I bought the CD “Best of Donna Summer” at a local music shop.  That CD has got some really great songs.  Some of which are:  Love to Love you, On the Radio (1978), Hot Stuff (1979), I Feel Love (1977), McAurthur Park (1978), I Feel Love, “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” (1979), “Last Dance” (1978), MacArthur Park (1978) (Casablanca), “Hot Stuff” (1979),  1982: “I Feel Love” (1982)

Photo of Donna Summer in the late 1970's


  Photo of Donna Summer and Barbara Striesand. 
They sung Enough is Enough as a duet together in 1979.

Barbard Streisand and Donna Summer

Various photos of Donna Summer



Donna Summer photo







I don’t have anything else to add about Donna Summer.  Due to this, that’s all folks.



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My Sweet!!

I first became aware of Sweet’s music when in 1989, my sister bought one of Sweet’s singles, which was called “Ballroom Blitz”.  I really liked that song and had aspirations of performing in a drama competition and lip syncing to it with my friends when I was in Year 10, in front of my High School.  Well that never eventuated because I didn’t have anyone to be in the competition with me.  Plus, I was way too shy to participate in a drama competition in front of the school.  I also wanted to be in the competition as my sister had been in one when she was in Year 10 with her three friends.  She and her friends had lip synced to a song which was called “Rock Lobster” by the “B 52’s” and they came second.  Also I enjoyed copying what she did when I was much younger, because I had little confidence in myself and used to really look up to her.   Now I think that wasn’t a very good thing to do.

Later on in Year 11, I bought a second hand Sweet record from a local market. The record was called “Strung Up”. Some of the songs on that record include “Hellraiser”, “Burning/Someone Else Will”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace”, “Need a lot of Lovin” and “I Wanna be Committed” and “Set Me Free”. I used to play that record in a caravan I used to live in, which was in my parent’s backyard. That record is so good and I used to really enjoy listening to it. The bad thing is that the live part of the record was taken out by someone when I bought it. In addition, it’s a pity that from 2003 to 2009 I couldn’t play one of the records that I did have as I didn’t own a record player. However, a cool thing is that I still owned the record!

Photo of Sweet's record called "Strung Up"

The Sweet - Strung Up

Youtube video of "I wanna be committed" by Sweet

In 2005, I bought a cd of Sweet’s greatest hits. It’s got some really cool hit songs like “Funny, Funny”, “Alexander Graham Bell”, “Spotlight” and “Love is like Oxygen”.

Youtube video of "Love is like Oxygen" by Sweet

Giant poster of Sweet

 I really like Sweet because they were so glammy driven and rocky.  Their music is also very upbeat and helps to make me feel better whenever I am feeling down.
Photos of Sweet in concert in the early 1970's

Sweet in Concert in the early 70’s


Well that’s all folks. That’s all I have to add about Sweet!

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The Beatles

I remember that my Grandma and Pop bought The Beatle’s “red and blue” double albums for my parents back in Christmas 1978. The red album contains The Beatles greatest hits from 1962-1966 and the blue album contains The Beatle’s greatest hits from 1967-1970.  For me 1978 and 1979 were the years in which I really enjoyed listening to those records.  I remember really liking the song from the blue album titled “Here comes the Sun” (1969).  At the ages of four and five I used to get my mum to play that song often and would listen to the song whenever I was outside in the backyard. Also when I was four and five I used to enjoy wearing long pretty dresses. 

Cover photo of The Beatles Red Album

The Beatles Red Album

Cover photo of The Beatles blue album

The Beatles Blue Album cover photo

I re-started my love of The Beatle’s music when I was in Year 10, which was in 1989.  I remember in Year 11 that my brother bought me a cassette by The Beatles titled “The Beatles Remastered”, which contains The Beatles re-makes of songs by other artists. Some of the songs included on the cassette were called?  I used to play that cassette on my stereo system when I was living in a caravan in my parents’ backyard.  The songs I really dug from that cassette were “Long Tall Sally” and “Twist and Shout”!!   I used to feel good and like dancing around to those songs.  I also used to constantly listen to The Beatles, red and blue albums when I was living in the caravan. (Today those records are a bit scratched) oops. 

Also in 1990 I bought a poster book of The Beatles.  Back from 1990-1995, I had some of The Beatles posters hung up on the walls in my caravan.  These posters were of The Beatles from the years 1963-1965.  Here are few photos of The Beatles from 1963 to 1965. 

The Beatles in 1963

 The Beatles in 1963

 The Beatles in 1964

The Beatles in 1964

 The Beatles in 1965

The Beatles in 1965 


When music CDs came out I bought the following Beatles CDs: “Rubber Soul” (1965), “Beatles for Sale” (1964), “Help” (1965), Revolver” (1966), “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts club Band” (1967), and “Abbey Road” (1969). 

What I like about The Beatles records is their change in music style throughout the years and the way they used to dress and style their hair.  This meaning from the years 1964 – 1970. In my opinion their radical change and altering of music styles is what made them so appealing.  Just from 1964 -1967, their change from straight to psychedelic.  They changed the face of music and the way people write music.  The Beatles made musicians want to and feel more comfortable about veering away from writing and performing conservatively.   

The Beatles in 1963 vs The Beatles in 1967

The Beatles in 1963              A photo of The Beatles in 1967

Well if you would like to comment about my The Beatles blog feel free to do so. That’s all from me today. 23/10/2007

Last night, which was the 3rd of March 2013,  I saw Paul McCartney and U2 playing live in concert on TV.  The show came up unexpectedly during an ad break of a movie I’d been watching.  According to Youtube the concert occurred on July 2 & 6, 2005.  In addition, The live event was aired from London and was being performed as a Live 8 event.  The money raised from the concert was to be given to the poor and suffering living in the world and half of the money was to go to Africa.

The song titled “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was sung by both Paul McCartney and Bono.  I can say that Paul McCartney did a fine job with his great singing and dyed brown hair.  Also  on stage were some men dressed up in the 1960’s Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band regalia and they were playing mouth instruments!  It was very exciting to watch.

There was a large audience watching the show in an outside arena and I saw a lady who I guess to be in her 60’s or 70’s at the front of the audience and there was also a young girl wearing a bikini with the British flag, standing next the elderly lady.

Youtube video of last night's performance!

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Led Zeppelin

I have enjoyed and been a fan of Led Zeppelin music since around 1989.  However, I first became aware of Led Zeppelin music after I was looking through my Auntie and Uncles record collection in the early 1980’s.  The record that they had was Led Zeppelin 11. I remember someone at the time putting that record on in my Auntie and Uncles lounge-room.   

Album cover of Led Zeppelin 11. 

 Led Zeppelin 11 - Album cover

Photo taken from the Led Zeppelin album

Photo taken from Led Zeppelin album

At the time that Led Zeppelin record didn’t really impress me, but later on in life i.e. at the age of sixteen and later on I began to more fully appreciate Led Zeppelin music.  This was when my sister bought the Led Zeppelin record called Led Zeppelin, in late 1989.  This was the year in which I was in year 10.   
When I was in Year 11, which was in 1990, I was living in a caravan in my parents’ backyard.  Well, the caravan was more like a bedroom and study room.  My brother actually bought the old 1960’s caravan in around 1985.  He lived in it from 1985 -1988.  Then my sister lived in it from 1988-1990.  I was living in the caravan from 1990-1995.  Back to Led Zeppelin.  In 1990 or 1991 I bought two Led Zeppelin records, these were Led Zeppelin III and House of the Holy. 

Cover photo of Led Zeppelin 111 

Led Zeppelin 111 album cover
Now they are really great records.  I had a record player in my caravan at the time and would quiet often listen to both records. I especially liked The House of the Holy record.  The House of the Holy record has got some really groovy synthesizer effects and the guitar playing in it is really good as well. 

Photo of Led Zeppelin in 1969

 Led Zeppelin - 1969
When music CD’s started coming out in 1993 or 1994 I bought the Led Zeppelin CD’s: Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 11 and Led Zeppelin 111.  Led Zeppelin is the CD, which has Stairway to Heaven in it.  I don’t know why but that is a really popular song.  I don’t really like that song very much. The songs that I do like in the Led Zeppelin CD called Led Zeppelin include: “Rock and Roll”, “The Battle of Evermore”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Four Sticks”.  Some of these songs like “Rock and Roll” and “Four Sticks” are rocky and upbeat tunes which liven your spirits up and make you feel alright. 

Album cover for Led Zeppelin 1

Album cover for Led Zeppelin

Photo of Led Zeppelin taken sometime in the early 1970's

Led Zeppelin in concert in the early 1970’s


In 2004 my friend had her brother burn for me the Led Zeppelin DVD called “The Song Remains The Same”.  This DVD contains footage of Led Zeppelin playing live in concert in New York’s Madison Garden in 1973.  The DVD also contains:
1. Snippets of Led Zeppelin band members with family members or by themselves at the beginning of the DVD in England.
2. Led Zeppelin music videos from their House of the Holy record
3. Bad and good experiences with different people, which were carrying on during the Led Zeppelin concert. 

What I like most about this DVD are these two things:
1. The music video footage from The House of The Holy record.  These videos are: No Quarter and The Song Remains the Same .
2. Other part I like is the concert footage of Led Zeppelin where Jimmy Page the guitarist shows off his guitar talent in different parts of the concert.

Well that’s all I have to add about my thoughts on Led Zeppelin music and my past and present likes of their music. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Frances 17/10/2007

I found out in late 2007 that Led Zeppelin were going to reunite to play a special gig in London on December 10 and they supposedly also signed on to play at Bonnaroo in 2008.

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