Small Faces and Steve Marriott

In 1990, I bought a record by the Small Faces called “Small Faces, Greatest Hits”.  I can’t remember why I bought it!  At the time I was 17 and was living in a caravan in my parent’s backyard.  In the caravan I had an old record player and used to play that Small Faces record on it.  Some of the songs on the record are: “The Universal”, “Song of a Baker”, “Here Comes the Nice”, “Red Balloon”, “Itchycoo Park”, “After Glow” and “All Or Nothing”.  In my opinion, all of the songs on this record are superb and I still never get bored listening to it.

Small Faces – Greatest Hits Album Cover Picture

From about 2003 to 2009, I didn’t own a record/stereo player because my last player broke.  At the end of 2009, my mum gave me her old record player, which came from the early 1980’s.  So due to getting this, I got out all of my old records and cleaned them.  One of the records I played again was my Small Faces album.  I was and still am very much fond of this album.  Such great songs!

In early 2010 I was watching a show on TV called “British Invasion: Small Faces”.  On this show, I saw all of these archival music videos of the Small Faces, which I hadn’t seen before.  Boy was I very impressed with them.  I especially liked the videos: “Happydaystoytown”, “Song of a Baker”, “Tin Soldier”, an instrumental song called “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” and “Here Comes the Nice”.

I was really impressed with each of these Small Faces videos because of Steve Marriott who was the lead singer/guitarist in the band.  In all of these video clips Steve Marriott sings really well, is very talented at playing the guitar, is very good looking and wears trendy/hip clothes. I really love the video clip called “Happydaystoystown” because of the clothes Steve Marriott wears, the fab singing and the enigmatic moves of Steve Marriott and the rest of the band in the clip.

Small Faces – Happydaystoystown Video

I really love and enjoy the “Song of a Baker” video clip because Steve Marriott of the Small Faces in the clip does some excellent and awe inspiring guitar playing and singing.  I also adore the clothes Steve Marriott wears in the Song of a Baker video.

Small Faces – Song Of A Baker Video- 1968

I adore the song and video called “Here comes the Nice” because the Small Faces dared to sing about something so controversial at the time, that being drugs.  The song details the bands experiences with drugs in about 1967.  From reading about the Steve Marriott from the Small Faces in Wikipedia on the Internet, I read that in the late 1960’s, Steve Marriott had taken the drugs Cannabis, speed and LSD.

Small Faces – Here Come The Nice Video

From my own point of view, I find the later Small Faces video clips ie 1967 – 1969 much more exciting and interesting than the earlier Small Faces clips ie 1965 – 1966.  This is because in the later video clips 1967-1969 the band are wearing more interesting/hip clothes (ie not suits), they are not just playing to people in a small club, and lastly because they move around more and more enigmatically around the stage. In addition, the band members have longer hair, which I just love.

Small Faces in 1966

Small Faces in 1966

Small Faces in 1968

Small Faces in 1968

As I was so ecstatic about the Small Faces who I saw on TV in early 2010, I wanted to go and buy a Small Faces DVD at a music shop.  Therefore, I went to a popular music shop about two days after seeing the Small Faces show on TV.  Much to my dismay a shop assistant at this popular music store I went to told me that all of their Small Faces, Steve Marriott and Humble Pie DVD’s had been deleted both in Australia and overseas (Steve Marriott had also been the lead singer/ guitarist in Humble Pie).  I was so disappointed in this!  I was much excited about eventually having my own  Small Faces, Steve Marriott or Humble Pie DVD.     

In late 2012, I went to different music shops and they still didn’t sell Small Faces or Humble pie DVDs.  If find this very sad as I think that these bands were in brilliant video clips back in the 1960’s & 1970’s.


Small Faces

Small Faces in 1968

Small Faces in 1968

Humble Pie

Steve Marriott in 1976

Steve Marriott in 1976

I have been reading about Steve Marriott of the Small Faces on wikipedia on the Internet.  He imo lead quite an interesting life when he was alive.  (He died in 1991 when a part of a 16th century house, which he lived in and was in at the time burnt down.  He died of smoke inhalation).

The reason why I think this is because he was married three times, had three children from three different women and tried all of these different drugs in his life.  This may not appeal to some but it seems interesting and exciting to me.

I have been told that the Steve Marriott of the Small Faces is an underrated singer/guitar player and I believe this too.  This is because I don’t hear about them in the media, but I do hear and read about bands such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.  These bands who in my opinion are much less talented than what the Small Faces or what Steve Marriott was!

Steve Marriott

Steve Marriott

As I wasn’t able to buy a Humble Pie or Small Faces DVD I went and bought a double Small Faces CD set in early 2010 titled “Small Faces, Ultimate Collection”.

Small Faces Ultimate Collection Front Cover

Small Faces Ultimate Collection Front Cover

Since buying this double Small Faces CD set, I have listeneded to them numerous times.  The singing on all of the songs is very impressive.  Also the music and  lyrics are very exciting, talented and upbeat.

I love most of the songs on this double CD set.  N.b what also makes this Ultimate Collection so good is also due to some of the instrumental songs on the CD’s.  One song is called “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”.  This song is psychedelic and groovy.

Small Faces in 68

Small Faces in 1968 or 1969

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video Picture

Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video Picture







Ogdens Nut Gone Flake Video

Keith Moon, Kim & Mandy Moon

Photo of Keith, Kim and Mandy Moon.

Lastly before I end, in the last year I came to know that Keith Moon of the Who’s ex wife Kim Moon married Ian Maclagan of the Small Faces in 1978.  In addition, Kim Moon was dating Rod Stewart in the early 1960’s at the same time she was dating Keith Moon.

Another fact I discovered about the Small Faces is that Steve Marriott of the Small Faces married Jenny Rylance in 1968.  Jenny Rylance an ex model also dated Rod Stewart in the 1960’s like ex-model Kim Moon dated Rod Stewart in the 1960’s! Interesting new information, I must say!

Well I think I have said enough about the Small Faces! Bye from me.


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  1. account money replied:

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  2. franny032 replied:

    Oh thanks. I am very glad that my site is useful for you. Btw, why is my site useful for you?

  3. Madeleine from Canada replied:

    I was just reading your comments about Steve and The Small Faces. I liked what you said, and I came to know this band just recently, through a British Invasion music fan who is 14 years younger than me, but knows more about the bands and the music than I ever will! We never had any exposure to the SF’s in North America, except for one song: Itchycoo Park, which does not represent AT ALL the broad talents in this band. Also, they never toured the USA or Canada (altho’ they toured all over Europe and Australia) And they got thoroughly ripped off by their label – Decca, under Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne’s mafia-like dad). In fact, it was only Kenney’s earnings from drumming for The Who that enabled the two surviving members (Kenney and keyboard player Ian McLagan) to save enough money to go after those crooks and finally get the money owed to them for over 40 years. They shared it with the heirs of Steve and Ronnie Lane.
    To add another note: Ian “Mac” McLagan married Kim Moon and basically became father to Mandy Moon, Keith’s daughter with Kim. Kim and Mac had an extremely happy marriage for about 30 years, and she died in a car accident in 2006. Everyone loves Mac, and we went to see him in March 2009 in Buffalo, NY with his band. He’s a lovely man. Funny, pragmatic, and has acknowledged and honoured Kim with a really beautiful album called “Never Say Never”. I had to get my kleenex out to listen to it, after I ordered it from his website. By the way, he’ll sign anything you buy from his website, and if you want to read the best rock and roll book ever written, get “All the Rage” Mac’s very funny, very story-filled tale of the swinging sixties/Brit Invasion era and beyond. EVERYONE is in it: The Small Faces, Stones, Long John Baldry, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, The Who, etc etc etc. He’s a great musician and a great guy. Cheers from Canada!

    • franny032 replied:

      I hope you had fun meeting the Small Faces recently. Although I wish Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane were still alive.
      I was watching a Small Faces documentary about 3 months and they did mention there that the band didn’t tour America, which was a bit of a shame. However I do know that Steve Marriott went on to form Humble Pie and they actually toured America in the 1970’s.
      I think the Small Faces got to see more of their money when they went on to record on a different label.
      Very good to see the Small Faces got to see their money after all these years.
      Well I find that Keith Moon was a very interesting and full-on character just from watching videos on him and a documentary on him on Youtube. I can’t say some things he did to Kim were anything for him to be proud of.
      I have tried to buy a Small Faces DVD in the past without any luck. There aren’t any available in Australia.

  4. robbo4 replied:

    Kind of cool to read. I’ve been a fan for quite some time and have always been amazed at the ball of fire that was the severely talented Steve Marriott. I was in attendence at both of the A.R.M.S. benefits for Ronnie Lane in Los Angeles (Featuring Eric Clapton. Jeff Beck,and Jimmy Page, etc.)during the early 80’s and have always loved both the Small Faces and Humble Pie immemsely. The early Humble Pie was also the creative high point for guitarist Peter Frampton, and anything touched by the infectuous Marriott is just a party of smiles waiting to happen. It is nice to know that there are those in this world from so many diverse lands and cultures that are still able to feel the vibrations created by this special group of musicians so many years after the fact…I just learned to play the chords to ‘Itchycoo Park’ about a week ago from a chord chart on ther web. Now I can entertain myself and smile endlessly. “It’s all too beautiful….!!!”

    • Kathryn replied:

      Another fact is all the money they made from this the woman that Ronnie Lane hired to take care of the books was cooking them. The FBI got involved and turned out to be a big mess. Ronnie died broke . Watch passing of the show it is really sad about his life.

  5. BBBAAOUE replied:

    I found this very helpful but as not only being a huge small faces fan I am an even bigger Keith Moon fan and ev en though its just a little mistake Kim Moon was not dating Rod Stewart at the same time she was dating Keith. Keith only thought she was so he went and talked to Rod and he backed off 🙂 but other then this was very helpful

  6. clovismann replied:

    Great read. I love Marriott’s vocals, especially on “Black Coffee.” What a talent, surely missed!

    • steve 0 replied:

      Marriott did a coffee commercial using the Black Coffee song. Wasn’t he surprised to find former bandmate Dave Clempson already in the studio, ready to record it? If anyone can make a commercial soulful, its Steve

  7. david piper replied:

    thanks, fab pics& vids,fan of small faces ,heard them live on the I.O.W.,anyway thanks from a fellow fan of good sounds

    • franny032 replied:

      I am glad you like the pics and videos. What is I.O.W by the way?

  8. Kathryn replied:

    Just finished reading “All Too Beautiful” . I fell in love long ago with Small Faces and Steve Marriott. I listen often to Odgen Nut Gone Flake . I think anyone interested in music should have this in there collection. The loss of Steve was so horrible. Both Steve and Ronnie passed away almost broke.
    Thank you for your site. Much appreciated, I wonder what happened to his 1st wife Jenny, Would you happen to know. There is very few photographs of her. When they broke up , Steve wandered around the back yard of his home Bee Hive Cottage screaming I want my wife back, So sad you know.

  9. Kathryn replied:

    By the way your mistaken, Steve was married three times . Had children with only 2 of them . Jenny was not one. He got a woman from Canada pregnant and that child basically was unknown to him.

    • franny032 replied:

      OH thats interesting. I didn’t know those facts. I know he has a daughter named Molly and a son whose name I don’t know. His daughter is a musician as well.

      • Kathryn replied:

        If you get the book :All Too Beautiful” which is great reading. He had no children with Jenny.After she left him she got pregnant.Broke his heart. then there is Toby , Lesley,Molly and Tonya. married 3 time’s. Lesley was from a woman from Canada a one night stand. He was not a person to be a Father to them. Molly and Toby are both Musicians. Toby could never live up to his father’s talent but does have a band. I will look it up for you if you wish.Steve was the 1st person ever to use the word gig. He helped the Rolling Stones with songs early on as he admired Keith Richards. I do not want to give too much away . I highly suggest you do get the book on You will not be able to put it down. Steve;s talent reached far and wide. Biggest mistake was Don Arden {slime bag} would not send them to American. Had he things would have been much different. The bool was like 20.00 but well worth it. Both Steve and Ronnie Lane never ever had any money.They never were paid for any of the music they put out in Samll Faces. If you do not have Odgens Nut Gone Flake again if you enjoy music it is a must in your collection. Bye

    • franny032 replied:

      Very good to see that you know alot about Steve and the Small Faces!! I wonder why Jenny left Steve, appears as though he was very upset about their breakup! Who wasn’t Steve a father too?
      Yes I heard on a Small Faces documentary that the Samll Faces’ Manager kept a lot of their money so they didn’t make any money for a while until they found another manager.
      I really like the video clips on youtube from the Odgens Nut Gone Flake album. I also love the clothes what Steve is wearing in those videos.

  10. Kathryn replied:

    Early in Colorado I spelled Small wrong , sorry

  11. info sehat replied:

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    • franny032 replied:

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

  12. Demetrius Strecker replied:

    I genuinely enjoy reading through on this internet site, it holds excellent blog posts. “And all the winds go sighing, For sweet things dying.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

    • franny032 replied:

      Thank you. You are very kind with your words.

  13. Eileen Waterman replied:

    I met Steve Thru a mutural friend in 1978, His name was Pete Hynes and his brother Dave was druming in Humble Pie. Steve was living at the time in Golders Green with his american wife Pam and 18mth old Toby. They were about to deoart for the USA due to some trouble with the tax man.Pam made us a meal and then we all went into Steves sound room to hear some Pack of 3 tapes that he had been working on. Toby kept crying as it was a bit late so I volantered to play with him, The very next evening I went to see Steve play at the bridge house in Canning town MAGIC. from Eileen Waterman

    • Kathryn Matson replied:

      I am a huge fan of the Small Faces and Steve Marriott. I have all there and his CDs . I play them often. I have read All too Beautiful twice and cry every time; Eileen you were very blessed to have met Steve,
      PEACE kathryn

      • franny032 replied:

        I agree, Eileen was very blessed to of met Steve.

        I used to listen to the Small Faces often until I became aware of Janis Joplin then I kept on playing her music. Now I am tired of her music as I have listened to her music so many times!

      • KATHYN replied:

        Hi……If you watch you tube with any of Steve’s videos and comment you miss him and his music out for a guy called 222clocks. He attacked me several times to the point I had to report him as he said I was channeling the dead .WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS …???????

    • franny032 replied:


      That’s what happened with the Rolling Stones as well regarding having to leave the country due to tax problems. I think the Rolling stones moved to Paris back in the 1970’s, which stopped them from going to jail. I got that information from a Rolling Stones documentary which I saw on TV the other month. That would of been hard for Steve regarding his unpaid taxes back then.

      Very cool to see that you were able to meet Steve and have a meal at his place and listen to his music tapes. Wish I could of been there, however I think I would of been a bit jealous of having his wife around!

      Good to see you were able to play with Toby when he needed something to calm him down.

      That would of been awesome seeing Steve play at the Bridge House. I hope you enjoyed yourself that night. I know I would of!!


    • Kathryn Matson replied:

      How blessed you were to meet Steve. I have read ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL twice which at the end brings tears to my eyes. I wish someone would write a new Bio on him . It is sad what the record industry did to him . The ripped his heart out and stole his money. He should have listened long ago when he was warned not to sign deal with Don Arden. I was thinking today when he and his last wife { her name slipped my mind } were headed back to England right before the fire he had turned into the other Steve the Ball headed nut case. He used this when he was ready to dump his wife. I think he was going to dump her. I saw a video where Jenny was speaking about Steve . She said she was hoping to get back with him . I think they had something up there sleeve. This is whyt he was in a rush to return home. Anyway recently You Tube added a new video Honky Tonk Women. I always watch for new videos on him . Peace to you Eileen Kathryn in Colorado USA

      • Kathryn Matson replied:

        Steve’s tax issues would never have been if the record companies and his 1st manager Don Arden had not kept his well deserved money. To this day the remaining Small Faces are still fighting for it. I think had Steve had the right manager none of his money problems would ever happened. Good Lord even the American Mafia had his money…

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