Van Halen

 I didn’t listen to Van Halen music when I was growing up. However in May 2006, I became more aware of their music when I saw some Van Halen CDs on sale at this local shopping plaza, which I sometimes shop at. A music shop had a stall in the plaza and was selling discounted CDs and other items in the main area of the plaza. That day in May 2006 I bought “The Best of Both Worlds”, which is a double CD set and contains Van Halen’s greatest hits. 
I went home and played The Best of Both Worlds CDs and really dug the music. They have a photo of the band from 2004 in the double CD set of Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony. Before looking at that photo from the CD I hadn’t been aware of any of the musicians from the band. I have played those CDs loads of times. The songs I really like from those CDs are “Beautiful Girls”(1980), “Hot for Teacher” (1984), “Jump” (1984), “Dance the Night Away” (1979), “Unchained”, “Panama” (1984), “Runaround”, “Without You” (1998), “Poundcake” and “Right Here, Right Now” (Live).
Cover photo of Van Halens CDs titled 
"The Best of Both Worlds-Van Halen"
Van Halen Greatest Hits CD
Van Halen in 2004 with Sammy Hagar

van-halen-w02.jpg vanhalen04-30-04.jpg

About two weeks after buying Van Halen’s “The Best of Both Worlds” CDs, I was in my local video store and I went to the music section. There I saw the DVD “Live Without a Net” (1986). This is a DVD of Van Halen playing live in New Haven Coliseum, America in 1986 and features Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen.  So I went and hired the DVD and played it on my DVD player at home. Boy when I saw Eddie Van Halen in that DVD I was so impressed with his cute, good looks and his great, great guitar playing. Then I watched and watched that DVD over and over again.
Cover photo of LIve Without A Net (1986)

Live Without A Net DVD

The 5150 Walk During The 1986 Van Halen Tour


Photo of Van Halen in 1986


Not long after hiring “Live Without a Net” I was telling my boss at work about Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen and he suggested that I send him a fan letter. So I logged onto the Internet the following day and found Van Halen’s official website and sent an e-mail to the administrator of that site, asking him to send EVH my fan letter. Well I never received a reply from the administrator. Then the following night I found another web site called, which is a chat website for fans and musicians. So I ended up putting a fan letter in the fan mail area of the site. How embarrassing.  I ended up putting my fan mail letter in the announcement part of the site and was going on about does Eddie know he is the sexiest man alive?
A photo of young Eddie Van Halen
About two weeks later, I bought the DVD “Right Here, Right Now” at a music shop in my local shopping plaza. That DVD is of Van Halen playing in concert from their world tour of 1992-1993. Eddie looks different in that DVD compared to the DVD “Live Without A Net”. I don’t know, he kind of looks high or drunk or something. But I still really dig that DVD and Sammy Hagar does a really good job at entertaining the audience with the song “Cabo Wabo”, “You Really Got Me” and “Finish What Ya Started”. Sammy says in the DVD that the Finish What Ya Started song is about how a guy has a set of blue balls when a girl starts the foreplay and doesn’t continue on with the act.  
Photo cover of DVD - Right Here Right Now
Then another two weeks later I bought the DVD “The Van Halen Story – The Early Years”. The back of the DVD states: “The Early Years chronicles the rise of our young musicians from their formative years to their transformation into a worldwide phenomenon.Witness the group’s gripping tale told by the people who were there when it all began – childhood friends, fellow musicians. Also has never before-seen photos help to further documents their remarkable story”.
Van Halen - The Early Years DVD photo cover
  Van Halen - The Early Years DVDVan Halen - The Early Years DVD
Photos of Van Halen when David Lee Roth was in the band
In about April of 2007 I bought the Van Halen DVD called “Van Halen Video Hits 1”. This DVD features numerous of Van Halen’s video hits starting with when DLR was on vocals with the videos “Jump” (1984) and “Panama” (1984). The videos of when Sammy Haggar was in the band starts with “When it’s love”, “Finish What Ya Started”, “Dreams” (Live at the Whisky) 1992, “Human Beings” (1995) then the last video is with Gary Cherome as the lead singer of the band, that video is “Without You” (1998). Without You is set in an Igloo and the song is upbeat, and Eddie is looking good again there.
I don’t like the previous five videos before “Without You” in the DVD. All of these five videos features Sammy Hagar in the videos and these videos are all from the Balance record and the band look really daggy with their hair and clothes, the songs are boring and the videos are uninspiring. Well alot of people like Human Beings. But that song does nothing for me and I always skip over that video.


In July 2007 a friend of mine burnt a copy of the Van Halen DVD “Van Halen – The Dave Years”. This DVD features numerous of Van Halen’s in concert footage from 1978 -1985. Some of the songs include “Bottoms up”, “So this Is Love?”, “Dance The Night away”. Also included in the DVD is a music video of “Pretty Woman”, interviews with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, EVH playing the guitar, in the David Letterman studio on 1985. This DVD is really good in that it shows a variety of different video footage.
In the proceeding months following May 2006 I have bought four other Van Halen CDs. I own CDs mostly with David Lee Roth on vocals. These CD’s are “1984” (1984), “Women and Children First” (1980), Van Halen 1(1978), and “5150” (1986). I really like all of these CDs because they are so upbeat and rocky and make you want to dance. Also Eddie’s guitar playing is so cool too.
Van Halen 1 CD cover


Women and Children First, CD cover and inside photo.

CD cover


Inside cover photo of Van Halen in 1980

1984 CD Cover
5150 album cover
 Van Halen toured America with David Lee Roth as the lead singer in 2007 & 2008. I know that Van Halen began their tour on the 27th of September 2007. Also in 2007 they earned a nominee for the best reunion tour for the Peoples Choice award.
Photos of Van Halen during and before their 
tour of America in 2007
Van Halen at a press conference before their 2007 tour.

Van Halen at a press conference before their tour.


First Van Halen tour photo

Flying Eddie!

   Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

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Led Zeppelin

I have enjoyed and been a fan of Led Zeppelin music since around 1989.  However, I first became aware of Led Zeppelin music after I was looking through my Auntie and Uncles record collection in the early 1980’s.  The record that they had was Led Zeppelin 11. I remember someone at the time putting that record on in my Auntie and Uncles lounge-room.   

Album cover of Led Zeppelin 11. 

 Led Zeppelin 11 - Album cover

Photo taken from the Led Zeppelin album

Photo taken from Led Zeppelin album

At the time that Led Zeppelin record didn’t really impress me, but later on in life i.e. at the age of sixteen and later on I began to more fully appreciate Led Zeppelin music.  This was when my sister bought the Led Zeppelin record called Led Zeppelin, in late 1989.  This was the year in which I was in year 10.   
When I was in Year 11, which was in 1990, I was living in a caravan in my parents’ backyard.  Well, the caravan was more like a bedroom and study room.  My brother actually bought the old 1960’s caravan in around 1985.  He lived in it from 1985 -1988.  Then my sister lived in it from 1988-1990.  I was living in the caravan from 1990-1995.  Back to Led Zeppelin.  In 1990 or 1991 I bought two Led Zeppelin records, these were Led Zeppelin III and House of the Holy. 

Cover photo of Led Zeppelin 111 

Led Zeppelin 111 album cover
Now they are really great records.  I had a record player in my caravan at the time and would quiet often listen to both records. I especially liked The House of the Holy record.  The House of the Holy record has got some really groovy synthesizer effects and the guitar playing in it is really good as well. 

Photo of Led Zeppelin in 1969

 Led Zeppelin - 1969
When music CD’s started coming out in 1993 or 1994 I bought the Led Zeppelin CD’s: Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 11 and Led Zeppelin 111.  Led Zeppelin is the CD, which has Stairway to Heaven in it.  I don’t know why but that is a really popular song.  I don’t really like that song very much. The songs that I do like in the Led Zeppelin CD called Led Zeppelin include: “Rock and Roll”, “The Battle of Evermore”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Four Sticks”.  Some of these songs like “Rock and Roll” and “Four Sticks” are rocky and upbeat tunes which liven your spirits up and make you feel alright. 

Album cover for Led Zeppelin 1

Album cover for Led Zeppelin

Photo of Led Zeppelin taken sometime in the early 1970's

Led Zeppelin in concert in the early 1970’s


In 2004 my friend had her brother burn for me the Led Zeppelin DVD called “The Song Remains The Same”.  This DVD contains footage of Led Zeppelin playing live in concert in New York’s Madison Garden in 1973.  The DVD also contains:
1. Snippets of Led Zeppelin band members with family members or by themselves at the beginning of the DVD in England.
2. Led Zeppelin music videos from their House of the Holy record
3. Bad and good experiences with different people, which were carrying on during the Led Zeppelin concert. 

What I like most about this DVD are these two things:
1. The music video footage from The House of The Holy record.  These videos are: No Quarter and The Song Remains the Same .
2. Other part I like is the concert footage of Led Zeppelin where Jimmy Page the guitarist shows off his guitar talent in different parts of the concert.

Well that’s all I have to add about my thoughts on Led Zeppelin music and my past and present likes of their music. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Frances 17/10/2007

I found out in late 2007 that Led Zeppelin were going to reunite to play a special gig in London on December 10 and they supposedly also signed on to play at Bonnaroo in 2008.

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I have been a fan of KISS music since about 2001.
Personally, I only enjoy cd’s of theirs which have Ace Frehley on guitar in them.  He was in KISS from around 1973-1982. What I like most about KISS from 1973-83 is the outfits they wore and their make-up was pretty way out there too.  It hid their identities from the public for numerous years. I think that the mystery of their identity was a huge part in why they became and were so popular.
I have several of KISS’s cd’s and they are: Alive 1(1975) and 11 (1977), Greatest KISS, Dynasty(1979), Unmasked (1980) and Psycho Circus (1998).  Alive 1 and 11 are pretty good cd’s because they are so upbeat and rocky. 
I also own several of KISS’s dvd’s and these include “Kiss-Konfidential-Xtreme-Close-Up” (2005),   “KISS-The-Second-Coming-Kiss” (2000) & “Kiss-My-A**” (2005).  The parts I enjoy in these dvd’s are where they are playing live in concert from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  I just love their stage persona and the way they really knew how to rock and entertain the audience in the videos.  Some of the videos I like in the dvd’s are Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Makin’ Love and Nothin to Lose.
Cover picture from the dvd Kiss-My-A**

Youtube video of Ace Frehley playing Shock Me!-1977.
Funniest moments of Ace Frehley video.
Back to Ace Frehley. What I like about Ace Frehley is his superb guitar playing.  Also it’s just so amazing how, while he was performing on stage he would let fireworks off on his guitar head. I also like how he would let smoke bombs explode from the middle of his guitar while he was playing it. Wow!! what an exciting sight.  Also in my KISS dvd’s I love his long brown hair and KISS costume.   Now that sight is just so gorgeous!
I saw KISS live in concert in Melbourne in March 2003.  In my opinion from being at that KISS concert, age certainly hadn’t made KISS boring.  That concert was just the best.  The stage set up was just superb.  I saw Gene Simmons spurt out what looked like blood from his long tongue.   In another part Paul Stanley rode a bike out on a platform which was suspended in the air over the audience.  They also had a huge multimedia video screen at the back of the stage for the audience to get a better look at the band playing in the concert.  
It was a pity that Ace Frehley didn’t play at the concert.  However, a man wearing an Ace Frehley out fit and his makeup up style took Aces’ place.  His name was Tommy Thayer.  He did quite well at the playing the guitar that night.
Well I don’t want to bore you anymore with my ramblings about KISS.  So bye for now Frances!

AceFrehley&SmokinGuitarAce Frehley & Smokin Guitar

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KISS in concert


Hi and welcome to my weblog. This is a great photo of Gene, Paul and Ace in 1977. As usual Ace looks just gorgeous! The stage setting from that year was really bright and stairy!


Kiss in concert in 1977

Kiss Houston 1976 - Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll
Here is another photo of KISS in concert.  
Photo taken in 1976. It's COOL MAN!!

KISS in concert in 1976 

Here is a photo of Gene Simmons and his long tongue.  The photo doesn’t have much to do with KISS in concert, but I thought I would add it in this blog anyway. hehe.

Gene Simmons and his long tongue.

Gene Simmons with his long tongue.

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Ace Frehley


Well here is another groovy photo of Ace Frehley taken of him in concert and sometime in the late 70’s!Ace2 Love this photo!














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