David Bowie

I first became really inspired and hooked on David Bowie’s music when I was driving through Sydney one night in July 1995.  That was the night whVideo cover for Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (72).en I heard Changes on the radio.  Woe when I heard that song on my car radio I really liked it.  Sure I had heard that song before, but for real that song damn well impressed me that night.

Not long after that night in Sydney I bought the CDs: Best of David Bowie one and two.  I can tell you I have listened to those CDs over and over again many times!  Then later on I bought the CDs: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), Aladdin Sane (1973), Pin Ups (1973), Diamond Dogs (1974), Low (77), Hours (1999), Heathen (2002) etc.

Cover photo of Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs CD cover

 I also have the David Bowie records which my mum bought me for Christmas 1996: David Live (1974) and Let’s Dance (1983).  Here is a photo from the David Bowie Live era. (1974).

David Bowie Live 74 era.

Also in 1995 I bought the David Bowie video called: David Bowie: The Video Collection.  Now that is a video, which I have probably watched over a thousand times.  This video contains all of David Bowies video hits starting with Space Oddity (1972) to the re-make song of Fame, which was made into a video in 1990.

I really love David Bowie videos as they are just so way out there and different from your average music video.  I love the weirdness of his videos.  I can’t get enough of them.  The videos I especially like are  Space Oddity.  In this video the lighting is in different read and green colours and then the camera goes around showing the studio, where the video was filmed.  The video also pans around the studio and shows the switchboard controls.  It also shows David Bowie playing the guitar whilst sitting down.  The way they made the video is just so impressive.

Photo taken from Space Oddity video!

Space Oddity 1972 photo

YouTube video of Space Oddity

Another video of David Bowies which I really like is Boys Keep Swinging (1979).  In this video David Bowie is dressed up as x 3 different women doing backup vocals on a brightly lit up stage.  David Bowie is also the lead male singer dressed up in a suit and then near the end of the video David Bowie dressed up as one of the back up singers walks down the catwalk which is situated in the middle of the stage and then takes off his wig and smears his makeup up on his cheek.  The second dressed up lady, which is David Bowie in disguise does the same thing as what the first did.  Then at the very end of the video David Bowie dressed up as an old lady character walks down the stage catwalk with her walking cane and waves. That video is so originally and cleverly made.  Very impressive!

Video of Boys Keep Swinging

Next video I like is Look Back in Anger (1979).  This video has David Bowie painting an angel in a small apartment.  Then later on he looks in the mirror and his face increasingly gets more and more blotches on it. Then David Bowie ends up painting the mirror then his face.  At the end of the video David Bowie hides under his bed. Love that video!  Just love the weirdness of it, which I can’t get enough of.

Youtube video of Look Back in Anger

Last video I really like is Day in Day out (1987).  This one shows a couple stealing books from a outside store in New York. Then another part shows the lady prostituting herself on the streets and then the police arrest her.  Another part of the video the lady, her partner and their child are eating on the outside table of a diner and listening to a radio.  Last part of video their house gets bulldozed and the police raid their house.

Youtube video of "Day in Day Out"

On my birthday in 2003, I received from my Auntie and Uncle a double DVD set of David Bowie’s music videos.    These videos in the DVD are his video hits from 1972 – 2002.  This DVD is really good as it includes extra video footage which I don’t have in my Video, David Bowie: The video Collection.  The videos include 1970’s live on stage, concert footage ie Young Americans, Ziggy Stardust.  Also there is videos from his Outside and Earthling CD’s.

Photo of David Bowie and Mick Ronson on Top of The
Pops in 1972.  Song being sung was Starman.

Video of song Starman from Top of The Pops in 1972

Also in 1995 and in later years I have managed to buy, watch or been given several in concert movies, and documentaries featuring David Bowie.  The David Bowie movies are: Just a Giggolo, Ricochet (doc, music 1984), The Man Who fell to Earth (movie, 1975), Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture (1973).

Video cover of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars


David Bowie videos which I enjoy the most is Richochet.  This documentary, music video is set in Bangkok, Singapore  and Hong Kong, which is in South-East Asia.  The video includes his travel experiences, DB in concert footage and a small story surrounding different Asians.

Another favourite DB movie video of mine is: The Man Who Fell to Earth (1975).  It was David’s first major motion picture role. He stars as a visitor from space.  His name in the movie is Thomas Jerome Newton and is an alien from a planet that is dying from a lack of water.

Photo of one of the main characters in the movie whose
name is Mary Lou.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Youtube video snippet from The Man Who Fell to Earth

I went and saw David Bowie Live in concert in Sydney in 2004 with my sister. In order to see this concert my sisters boyfriend drove my sister and I to Sydney.

That concert was the best.  He sung a lot of his newer music and I was thoroughly entertained with both his band, his singing and the stage set up.  Here is one of the songs which I really got into at the concert.  The name of the song is Slip Away.

Oh well, I think I have added a lot of information for all you to read and I will end now.  Bye for now.  Frances.


David Bowie – Tonight (Cassette tape)

On Christmas 1998, I received a cassette music tape titled “David Bowie – Tonight” from my brother.  This tape was released in 1984 and contains some awesome music.  Some of the songs on the tape include:

Side one

1.”Loving the Alien” (David Bowie) – 7:11
2.”Don’t Look Down” (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 4:11
3.”God Only Knows” (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) – 3:08
4.”Tonight” (Bowie, Pop) (performed by David Bowie and Tina Turner) – 3:46

Side two

1.”Neighborhood Threat” (Bowie, Pop, Ricky Gardiner) – 3:12
2.”Blue Jean” (Bowie) – 3:11
3.”Tumble and Twirl” (Bowie, Pop) – 5:00
4.”I Keep Forgettin'” (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) – 2:34
5.”Dancing with the Big Boys” (Bowie, Pop, Carlos Alomar) (performed by David Bowie and Iggy Pop) 3:34

Cover photo of "Tonight"


The songs which I really like are “Loving the Alien” and “Blue Jean”.  Loving the Alien is such a great song and in my opinion the video clip to go with it is very radical and interesting to listen to.

With the song “Blue Jean” I specifically remember taping it on a cassette tape player back in 1985.  Also I would play it all the time and it was one of my favourite songs of that year.  “Blue Jean” and the band “Duran Duran” used to really get me going!

"Serious Moonlight Tour ’83" booklet.

On my birthday in 1999, I received a second hand long and thin, soft covered booklet titled “Serious Moonlight Tour ’83”.  First of all this booklet contains a vast range of information and photos to keep a Bowie fan entertained! Also all the information in the booklet is translated and shown in French and German.

Cover photo of "Serious Moonlight Tour ’83" booklet.

Serious Moonlight book

Firstly, the booklet contains highly favourable reviews on David Bowie’s acting career in both film and theatre, spanning from 1975 – 1983.  Then there’s photos of the different movies and theatre shows David Bowie starred in to compliment the reviews.  Some of the photos were taken from “Elephant Man” and “The Hunger”.

Secondly, there’s a review giving a descriptive and interesting account of how David’s music concert’s had progressed spanning the years 1972 – 1983.  Then the review goes on to ad what he did to choreograph such spectacular stage shows.  There is also a range of different photos of David in concert in 1973, 1974 & 1976.

Thirdly, the booklet contains information on how David’s music and style had changed from album to album. I.e. 1973-1983.  Then with the review, there are photos of his different album covers form the 1970’s to the early 1980’s.

This booklet also contains a whole heap of information and photos regarding David’s “Let’s Dance” album and subsequent tour.

"Let’s Dance” album cover


Firstly, the author of the book gives a highly favourable review about the album. Then there are numerous photos taken from the album.

Secondly, there are some lyrics of songs from the album.  These songs include “China Girl” and “Let’s Dance”.  Also displayed near the lyrics of each of these songs are some interesting photos taken from the music videos.

A large section of the booklet contains photos of the 1983 Serious Moonlight tour of Australia and New Zealand.  These photos are of:

  • David Bowie on stage performing on the tour and during rehearsals.
  • Photos of David Bowie’s band members playing on stage during the tour.
  • Photos of the band members in sitting poses and their credential information next to their photos.

So if you’re a person who enjoys reading, looking at photos or who is a big fan of David Bowie then I would recommend this booklet.

"The Linguini Incident" – Video (1991)

Sometime in 1999, my mum gave me the video titled “The Linguini Incident”.  This movie was released in 1991 and is basically about two woman by the names of Vivian (Rosanna Arquette) and Lucy ( Eszter Balint) and a man whose name is Monte (David Bowie) who all plan to rob a restaurant which they work in.  Monte also wants to marry one of the women (Vivian) so that he can get his Green Card to stay in the United States.

Cover photo of "The Linguini Incident"


I won’t state anymore about the Linguini Incident just in case a person reading his blog decides to go and watch the movie.

In my opinion, it’s a very good movie with some great scenes and acting in it by Rosanne, Eszter and David.  However, a downside to the movie are two gay men who star in the movie.  I find there put on humour and jokes really irritating and the way they treat the waitresses in the movie is really demeaning and annoying!

"Bowie A Reality Tour" DVD

On my birthday in 2004, I received the DVD titled “Bowie A Reality Tour”.  This DVD contains concert footage of David Bowie’s 2003 Reality Tour, which was filmed in Dublin, Ireland.  (November, 2003).

Cover photo of DVD "Bowie A Reality Tour".


What I noticed first when I started to watch the concert DVD is that it had amazing and different coloured animated graphics of the band playing situated on stage, before the band actually went on stage.

Another great aspect of the concert is that it had really effective different coloured lights and spotlights, which were shone on both the audience and stage.  I thought this gave the concert a spectacular look and feel about it.

I found it an effective tool that there was a big screen situated at the back of the stage, which displayed either coloured patterns, video footage or the band playing.

Photo taken from "The Reality tour"


Throughout the concert, the audience was very jumpy and happy, which I found to be a bit annoying at times.  They all seemed to worship the ground David Bowie walked on.  For example they’d cheer and carry on during and after each song he sang.  Even the crap ones!

In addition, in my opinion David Bowie has an atrocious hairstyle in the concert as his fringe constantly covers one of his eyes, which I would find really irritating if it was me with that hairstyle.

I found the band members to be really groovy and radical and most of them were from a range of different nationalities.  I also liked the way some of them dressed very radically.   In addition, I was impressed that a few of the band members were bald.  Those members included the drummer (Sterling Campbell), bass (GailAnn Dorsey) and keyboard players (Mike Garson)

Photos of "The Reality Tour" bald band members!

Gail Ann Dorsey


Sterling Campbell


Mike Garson

During the concert, David sings both his old and newer songs.   I definitely liked two of the newer songs which he sang which were  “Afraid” and “Hello Spaceboy”.  I thought he did a spectacular and creative job at singing “Hello Spaceboy”.  With the song “Afraid” I found the lyrics to be very interesting and he sang them very well!  The following are the lyrics to this song:

"Afraid" lyrics

I wish I was smarter
I got so lost on the shore
I wish I was taller
Things really matter to me

But I put my face in tomorrow
I believe we’re not alone
I believe in Beatles
I believe my little soul has grown

And I’m still so afraid
Yes, I’m still so afraid
Yea, I’m still so afraid on my own
On my own

What made my life so wonderful?
What made me feel so bad?
I used to wake up the ocean
I used to walk on clouds

If I put faith in medication
If I can smile a crooked smile
If I can talk on television
If I can walk an empty mile
Then I won’t feel afraid
No, I won’t feel afraid
I won’t be Be afraid

However, I found that most of the newer songs David sang to be very boring, slow and dreary.  A song I disliked the most was where David sings a new version of the 1984 song “Loving the Alien”.  David states before he sings the song.   “Maybe this is the version it should of always been.”  I thought is he kidding? I found the version annoyingly boring and slow.

As a summing up I found half of this DVD to be very entertaining and the other half to be very boring.  Due to that, whenever I watch this DVD, I skip over half the songs as I don’t want to listen to them.

But I think that the good songs in the DVD make up for me wanting to actually go out and play it!

Glass Spider tour DVD

In 2012 my sister gave me the DVD titled “David Bowie – Glass Spider”.  This DVD contains video footage of a concert which David Bowie sang and performed in, in the year 1987.  The concert was tapped as part of a tour which David partook in which was called “The Glass Spider tour”.  Also he embarked on the tour after he released the album “Never Let Me Down” and one of the songs on the album was titled “Glass Spider”.  In addition, the concert was filmed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 7 & 9, 1987.

On stage at the concert there is an extremely huge and tall glass spider which has very long, skinny legs.  The whole spider is lit up with multicoloured lights.  It also has flashing green long legs, a hot pink and red body, blue eyes and long golden fangs.  Throughout the concert the spider keeps on changing the colour of its legs, body, eyes and fangs to any of the colours I’ve mentioned.

Photo of "The Glass Spider"


The stage is also fantastically set up with lights which keep on changing their colour to red, blue or green.

At the concert there are some amazing dancers dressed up in different costumes.  Some are strangely dressed and others are dressed normally.  Throughout the concert the male and female dancers either perform awesome dances, mimes or acting pieces.

Weirdly dressed male dancers in the DVD


Normally dressed female dancers in the DVD

normal1normal 2

At the beginning of the concert David Bowie slowly comes down and out of the mouth of the spider, which is very high up on the stage.  He ends up coming down from a chair and is talking on a very old phone.

On about the second song David and one of the female dancers do a superb and very interesting acting/dance act to the song “Bang Bang”.  That part of the concert really stood out for me as I found the woman to be a very good dancer.  David also did a great job!

Youtube video of "Bang, Bang"

The Dancers also do fabulous dance moves to “Fame” and “Let’s Dance”.

There is a very impressive part in the concert where two female and male dancers do a great miming act to David singing “Loving the Alien”.  Below is a YouTube video clip to the song which I am talking about.

YouTube video of Loving the Alien

While David is singing the song “Heroes” as some old historic Asian video footage is being played on a huge white screen at the back of the stage.  I think this would have been a unique thing to of seen at a rock concert in 1987!

Near the end of the DVD, Charlie Saxton sings and plays the guitar with David who also plays the guitar and sings to the songs “I wanna be your dog” and “White Light, White Heat”.  I found these performances to be not very exciting.  Charlie and David singing the songs weren’t my favourite part of the DVD.

Overall I found I found this DVD to be very entertaining as I found the dancers and David Bowie to be very thrilling to watch.

4 March 2013

About seven weeks ago, which was in early January 2013 I stayed with my mum for two weeks.  It was while I was staying with her that she was telling me she had recently seen David Bowie on the news and that he had just released a new single.  So about three weeks ago, I eventually got around to seeing if David’s new single was on youtube.  Then I finally got to find and listen to his song and I can tell you it’s not bad.  It’s pretty interesting and the video’s alright too.  The song is called “Where are we now”.

Where are we now

I also got to find out how the new single is doing in the charts.  Well I read on the Internet three weeks ago that the single had made it into the top 10 in UK’s  iTunes when it was first released, which was in early January 2013.  Also, it reached the UK’s top ten singles chart in its first week of release.  In addition, its the first time in over two decades that David’s music has made it into the charts.  So David is doing quite well.  Lastly, information I gathered from the Internet states that his new album will be released on March 8 in Australia.

That’s all from me today.  Frances


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