Janis Joplin

For my birthday last year, which was 2012, I received two music gift vouchers for a local music store.   I received these gift vouchers from my brother and one of my lovely friends.  I wanted to go out and buy some new music in DVD or CD form.  However, I found it extremely difficult to find any music which I liked by any new or young band etc.  I’d looked on youtube and a music store’s website, which contains previews of the top 40 singles or albums.  I just found most of the music very teeny bopperish and boring.

I also tried to buy a Small Faces or Humble Pie DVD, however the store didn’t sell any, which I found very frustrating.  So after about 7 weeks of looking for a music DVD or CD I decided to buy three Janis Joplin CDs.  I can’t remember why I went and bought her CDs.  I ended up getting her Pearl and a double CD set titled “The Essential JANIS JOPLIN”.

Cover photos of Janis Joplin's  CD "The Essential 
JANIS JOPLIN" and the album "Pearl".



I haven’t listened to Pearl much since getting it as the double CD set of Janis’s “The Essential JANIS JOPLIN” includes all of the her music from Pearl.  Since buying Janis’s double CD set I can’t stop listening to the music.  I’m either always listening to it in my home or in my car.  I find the music very inspirational as I can kind of relate to it.  For example she had a hard time growing up at home and at school.  I can relate to being bullied all the time by different people at school.  It didn’t do much for my confidence or to make me just love people!!  Also it appears as though she had tons of bad luck and sorrows with men, which at one stage I had.  But now I have learnt my lessons!!

It appears to me as though Janis went through a lot of heartache with men which is portrayed through a lot of her music.  I can see why she would have been attracted to The Blues music. Some of her songs regarding her heartache I think are portrayed through the songs: “Ball and Chain”, “Cry Baby” & “A Woman Left Lonely”.  I just love the song “Ball and Chain” which Janis sings live in Germany back in 1969, her voice and persona is just terrific in the clip.

Ball & Chain

I love this live song with Janis titled “Cry Baby” as it just goes to show a woman who is there giving too much to a man who does what they want.

Cry Baby

I also read on the Internet that she had a lot of trouble with the people who she went to High School and University with, but she was a very smart lady who did well academically and with her art.

I like how from her songs she sung from the heart and how she felt about life at the time.  I see that portrayed from many of her songs.  I like how she wasn’t afriaid to let her emotions out in music.  Some of those songs to name a few are:  “Little Girl Blue”, “Tell Mama” & “Try”.

It was very sad for me personally that she died so young at the age of 27, as I feel she had much more singing and personal talent to show to the world.

The Rose movie and album (1979)

For about four years my mum has owned the album titled “The Rose”.  Music contained from this album is from the movie of the same title.  The movie is centred around Janis’s life and is played by Bette Midler.   I have listened to the album serveral times and find the music very good and entertaining.

Cover photo of "The Rose" album


A part of a reason why I like the album is because it details entertaining words from Bette Middler where she has been signing live on stage.  In a part of the album she states how when if your man comes home late one night and you can smell booze and a woman on him.  What do you do?  Do you open your legs and say……..or do you say pack your bags and get out of here?

I tried to hire “The Rose”  movie DVD from my local video store but they don’t rent it out anymore.  I find this really frustrating that music and video stores don’t seem to want to keep interesting DVDs or music from the 1960’s to 1980’s anymore.  According to wikipdia on the Internet the movie “The Rose” is a “1979 American musical drama film which tells the story of a self-destructive 1960s rock star who struggles to cope with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her ruthless business manager”.

That’s all from me today folks and I’ll add some more information to this post at a later date.


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