The Who

I really hated all of my High School years (1986-1989) and that made me get turned off the current music at the time.  (I went to a Catholic High School).  My turning off the music began in 1989.  Also in 1989, I remember that my sister or brother bought a record called “Who’s Better, Who’s Best” by The Who.  I’d listened to this record and was really impressed by the music in it.  Later on The Who’s music made me feel good and made me think less about how much I hated everyone and everything about my High School.  So I finally started to feel better about life!  Also with listening to The Who I used to wear a 60’s psychedelic dress, which is way too small for me now!

Photo of a 1960's Psychedelic dress

Psychadelic dress of the 1960’s

I really loved that record “Who’s Better, Who’s Best”!  Not long after that I bought a video of the same title of the record. They have some great music clips in that video.  My favourite music clips are “Who’s Better, Who’s Best” are: My Generation (1966), The Kids are Alright (1966), Happy Jack (1967), Pictures of Lily (1967), and Magic Bus (1968).

Cover photo of The Who's record: "Who's Better,
Who's Best"

Cover photo of The Who’s - Who’s Better, Who’s Best

Video clip taken from "Who's Better, Who's Best"
video titled "My Generation" (1967).

On TV back in 1989 or 1990 they aired a couple of old school rock festivals, which I had tapped.  These were Woodstock (1969) and Monterey International Pop Festival (16th – 18th January 1967).  In these festivals The Who play numerous of their hit songs.  Those being “Summertime Blues”, “See Me, Feel Me” and “My Generation”.  Back in 1989 and the early 1990’s I watched those tappings many times.  Keith Moon was The Who’s drummer from 1963 – 1978 and from watching those tapped rock festivals, in my opinion his drumming was absolutely fantastic.


From all of these The Who music clips which I watched I thought that Keith Moon just rocked.  His carefree, rebelious attitude and great drumming in them were a real turn on for me! My utter obsession for this man went for about five years! By the way, Keith Moon died in September 1978 from a overdose on alcohol prescribed drugs.

Photos of Keith Moon

Photo of Keith MoonUp close photo of Keith Moon

Keith Moon smashing up a hotel room in the late 1970's

Also in about 1990, I bought a video called “The Kids Are Alright”.  The Kids Are Alright is a rocumentary film, which includes live performances, promotional films, and interviews from 1965 to 1978. This film is widely hailed as one of the best rockumentaries ever created.

Photo of an interview segment with The Who taken from
the video The Kids are Alright. (1974 or 73)

A interview with The Who from video The Kids Are Alright

Also for my 16th birthday, I received the records “Sell Out” and “A Quick One” from my parents.  I can honestly say that their music videos and live performance footage are much better than their records! Oh an exception is the record I have which I bought in about 1990, which is called “Live at Leads” (1970).  That record has some really superb drumming and guitar playing in it.

Record cover of Live At Leads

The Who, Live at Leads record cover

Video footage of the song Young Man Blues from
Isle of Wright Festival

I really enjoy old 1964-1978 live video footage of The Who.  This is mainly because of Keith Moon’s presence on the drums in them.  He had a captivating and wild behaviour whilst playing those drums in most of the music clips.  He was also extremely good at playing the drums.  In addition, Keith Moon was acknowledged as being one of the best drummers in the world during the 1960’s and 70’s.  I also really like the clothes he used to wear in the old live video clips.

Photos of The Who playing live in concert during the
1960's and 70's.

The Who Live in Concert in 1974


I also bought the record, called “Tommy” in either 1990 or 1991.  Tommy surrounds the story  of a handicapped child who is abused by family members and others and goes on to become a spiritual leader. Its story covers murder, trauma, bullying, child molestation, sex, drugs, illusion, delusion, altered consciousness, spiritual awakening, religion, charlatanism, success, super-stardom, faith, betrayal, rejection and pinball. The album chronicles the story of a boy who becomes deaf, dumb and blind after witnessing the murder of his father. Through his mastery of pinball, he is cured, elevated to prophet status and then turned on by his followers. Without his major senses, Tommy is left to feel everything through rhythms and vibrations. In later years I bought the movie Tommy.

The rock opera record was made into a movie In 1975.  The director of the movie was Ken Russell and he released his film version of Tommy, starring the Who, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, and Jack Nicholson. The film also featured appearances by Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and Elton John.  The following is a scene from the Movie Tommy.

Then in Christmas 1990 I received a cassette tape from my brother of The Who’s called “Who’s Next” (1972).  I really like the songs Behind Blue Eyes and Baba Oriely in this tape.

Photo of The Who in 1972 or 1973

Photo of The Who taken sometime in the early 1970’s

Also back in 1989, 1990 and 1992 I bought different books and poster books about The Who.  I used to live in a caravan in my parents back yard and had my Who posters stuck up on the walls there.  I mainly had posters of Keith Moon stuck up.  He was so cute!!  Well, my utter obsession kind of ended in 1995 when I found another rock star to idolize about.  That person is David Bowie!! I hope you have found my entry on The Who entertaining.  Well I must go now.  Bye for now Frances.

As an end note in 2007 Mike Myers was supposed to be staring in a movie about the life of Keith Moon.  The movie is long overdue.


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