My Sweet!!

I first became aware of Sweet’s music when in 1989, my sister bought one of Sweet’s singles, which was called “Ballroom Blitz”.  I really liked that song and had aspirations of performing in a drama competition and lip syncing to it with my friends when I was in Year 10, in front of my High School.  Well that never eventuated because I didn’t have anyone to be in the competition with me.  Plus, I was way too shy to participate in a drama competition in front of the school.  I also wanted to be in the competition as my sister had been in one when she was in Year 10 with her three friends.  She and her friends had lip synced to a song which was called “Rock Lobster” by the “B 52’s” and they came second.  Also I enjoyed copying what she did when I was much younger, because I had little confidence in myself and used to really look up to her.   Now I think that wasn’t a very good thing to do.

Later on in Year 11, I bought a second hand Sweet record from a local market. The record was called “Strung Up”. Some of the songs on that record include “Hellraiser”, “Burning/Someone Else Will”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace”, “Need a lot of Lovin” and “I Wanna be Committed” and “Set Me Free”. I used to play that record in a caravan I used to live in, which was in my parent’s backyard. That record is so good and I used to really enjoy listening to it. The bad thing is that the live part of the record was taken out by someone when I bought it. In addition, it’s a pity that from 2003 to 2009 I couldn’t play one of the records that I did have as I didn’t own a record player. However, a cool thing is that I still owned the record!

Photo of Sweet's record called "Strung Up"

The Sweet - Strung Up

Youtube video of "I wanna be committed" by Sweet

In 2005, I bought a cd of Sweet’s greatest hits. It’s got some really cool hit songs like “Funny, Funny”, “Alexander Graham Bell”, “Spotlight” and “Love is like Oxygen”.

Youtube video of "Love is like Oxygen" by Sweet

Giant poster of Sweet

 I really like Sweet because they were so glammy driven and rocky.  Their music is also very upbeat and helps to make me feel better whenever I am feeling down.
Photos of Sweet in concert in the early 1970's

Sweet in Concert in the early 70’s


Well that’s all folks. That’s all I have to add about Sweet!


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