I have liked Blondie’s music since I was four years old, which is the age where I received a Blondie cassette tape for my fourth birthday.  I used to listen to that tape on a portable tape player, which was also given to me on my birthday.  I remember taking that tape recorder/player with me everywhere from the ages of four to seven years.  I used to also really enjoy that Blondie tape and had played it numerous times.  Sorry, I can’t remember what the tape was called!! hehe and the tape had a photo on the cover with Debbie Harry’s hair in a bun.  The songs I used to really like on the tape were “I’m a Gonna Love you to”, “Denis”, “I Know but I Don’t Know” and “Heart of Glass”.  Also from the ages of 4-7 when I used to go to The Coast with my family and my parents would drive there, I’d listen to my Blondie and Abba cassette tapes.  I also used to constantly listen to my Abba tape when I was a kid.   

Photo of a portable tape recorder, similar 
to the one I had years ago.


Late 70’s Portable Cassette Player

I re-started listening to Blondie’s music when I was in Year 10.  In about 1993 I bought the Best of Blondie CD.  Some of the songs on that CD are: “The Tide is High”, “In the Flesh”, “Sunday Girl”, “Picture This” and “Rip Her to Shreds”. What I also like about the CD is the cover as it shows Debbie Harry in a really nice white dress and there are great buildings in New York shown behind the band’s photo.


Cover Photo of The Best of Blondie  


Blondie’s Greatest Hits CD

In about 202, I bought Blondie’s 1978 CD called Parallel lines.  I bought it because it’s got some really great songs such as “Hanging on the Telephone”, “Sunday Girl”, “One Way or Another”, “11.59” and “I Know But I Don’t Know” etc.

Cover Photo of Parallel Lines  


I also like a few of Blondie’s videos, which I have seen on Youtube and on a late night music show I used to watch called Rage.  These videos are “Rapture” and “Heart of Glass”. 

Youtube Video of Rapture

In 1998 Blondie reformed as a group and released a new album called “No Exit”.   In the same year I bought a CD single from that album which is called “Maria”.   

Cover Photos of "No Exit" and the CD Single "Maria"

No Exit CD


In about 2004, I rented a DVD movie which starred Deborah Harry and was titled Life Without Me (2003). In the movie Deborah Harry acts as the mother of a lady who is dying of cancer. The reason why I hired this movie is because Scott Speedman was in it and I was/ am a fan of this very attractive American actor.  

Photo of Scott Speedman


Photo of Deborah Harry in Life Without Me.


That’s it for today folks.  



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  1. Charles Volcher replied:

    I have enjoy the music of Blondie/Deborah Harry since there beginnings in 1975/6 also I have lost my virginity to Deborah it was at her hotel one year
    after a concert

    • franny032 replied:

      Good to see you like Blondie like I do. I hope you enjoyed losing your virginity to Deborah. Blondie will be touring Australia in November and December of this year. Hopfully I will be able to see them, then.

  2. Céline replied:

    Very nice article. Deborah is wonderful and I like very much her way of writing lyrics. Chris Stein and Blondie music still influence other bands. A new album soon ! I have got a blog in french about Blondie and Deborah Harry, feel free to visit it 🙂

    • franny032 replied:

      Thanks for that and the information. I’ll check out your blog when I get the time!

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