Hi my name is Frances Madden and I studied a Diploma called Diploma of Information Technology (Website Development), which I finished in 2009.  In 2007 and as a part of our assessment in the subject Hardware and Software we had to produce blogs.  I decided to base my blogs on my all time favourite classic rock stars and musicians.   That is one of my favourite interests.  I have had a love for many old school rock stars etc since 1989. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog entries.  Feel free to add any comments if you wish!!



  1. Jane Delgado replied:

    Hi Frances,

    I was reading your blog on the Led Zeppelin blog and I wanted to let you know that Zannel, a mobile social network is giving out one pair of tickets to go see Led Zeppelin in London on Dec. 10th showing and for other prizes too. You can check it out at http://www.zannel.com/ledzeppelin.jsp.



  2. franny032 replied:

    Thanks for the information about Led Zeppelin. The only thing is that I live in Australia. Well I will go and check out the site. Thanks. Frances

  3. bibomedia replied:


  4. Kip Durocher replied:

    Very cool site. i think u done excellent.
    you must of passed your design courses!
    saw the who live twice in late 60s – fantastic
    that superbowl thing was an abomination.

    • franny032 replied:

      Why thankyou. I am glad you like my site.
      That would of been just awesome to of seen The Who back in the late 60’s. Unfortunatley I wasn’t born till 73!
      Why was the superbowl so bad?

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