I have been a fan of KISS music since about 2001.
Personally, I only enjoy cd’s of theirs which have Ace Frehley on guitar in them.  He was in KISS from around 1973-1982. What I like most about KISS from 1973-83 is the outfits they wore and their make-up was pretty way out there too.  It hid their identities from the public for numerous years. I think that the mystery of their identity was a huge part in why they became and were so popular.
I have several of KISS’s cd’s and they are: Alive 1(1975) and 11 (1977), Greatest KISS, Dynasty(1979), Unmasked (1980) and Psycho Circus (1998).  Alive 1 and 11 are pretty good cd’s because they are so upbeat and rocky. 
I also own several of KISS’s dvd’s and these include “Kiss-Konfidential-Xtreme-Close-Up” (2005),   “KISS-The-Second-Coming-Kiss” (2000) & “Kiss-My-A**” (2005).  The parts I enjoy in these dvd’s are where they are playing live in concert from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  I just love their stage persona and the way they really knew how to rock and entertain the audience in the videos.  Some of the videos I like in the dvd’s are Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Makin’ Love and Nothin to Lose.
Cover picture from the dvd Kiss-My-A**

Youtube video of Ace Frehley playing Shock Me!-1977.
Funniest moments of Ace Frehley video.
Back to Ace Frehley. What I like about Ace Frehley is his superb guitar playing.  Also it’s just so amazing how, while he was performing on stage he would let fireworks off on his guitar head. I also like how he would let smoke bombs explode from the middle of his guitar while he was playing it. Wow!! what an exciting sight.  Also in my KISS dvd’s I love his long brown hair and KISS costume.   Now that sight is just so gorgeous!
I saw KISS live in concert in Melbourne in March 2003.  In my opinion from being at that KISS concert, age certainly hadn’t made KISS boring.  That concert was just the best.  The stage set up was just superb.  I saw Gene Simmons spurt out what looked like blood from his long tongue.   In another part Paul Stanley rode a bike out on a platform which was suspended in the air over the audience.  They also had a huge multimedia video screen at the back of the stage for the audience to get a better look at the band playing in the concert.  
It was a pity that Ace Frehley didn’t play at the concert.  However, a man wearing an Ace Frehley out fit and his makeup up style took Aces’ place.  His name was Tommy Thayer.  He did quite well at the playing the guitar that night.
Well I don’t want to bore you anymore with my ramblings about KISS.  So bye for now Frances!

AceFrehley&SmokinGuitarAce Frehley & Smokin Guitar


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Ace Frehley


Well here is another groovy photo of Ace Frehley taken of him in concert and sometime in the late 70’s!Ace2 Love this photo!














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